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is there anyplace

July 6, 2020

is there anyplace

the (season) finale to my otherwise empty june calendar is the breath and the clay event. and i jumped into it without any expectations. and while i should probably not put a good word to being haste in making (any kind of) decisions, i am happy, i did. (among others) it's because of — without meaning to spoil the event — the theme: perspective, and how a little change of it (might) make a lot of difference

rewind to (maybe years) prior to the jump when i fell in love with this kind of art. and i knew that the things i was holding on that might be (for lack of better words) holding me back from the pursuit will eventually go. the proverbial personal time off from the comfort of a stable-but-only-half-pertinent livelihood (et. al.) story. which i know a lot of artists had to go through at some point. (might even be where 'go broke for what you love' came from). in any case, the time when the decisions have been decided and choices have been chosen is the start of being accountable to them

and as someone who’s already set to where they want their creative work to go, i thought that taking detours to other art forms is only a waste of time (it didn’t stop me from taking detours though, i am nothing if not well-versed in the language of wasting time). the b & the c changed that mindset of remorse to appreciation (of other art forms). it taught me that art inherently is beauty and beauty is found in all of creations. it makes sense that all the art forms do not differ much from each other.


consider taking refuge in the beauty of psalm 139 i had heretofore forgot to appreciate a takeaway

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