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did we really have to grow apart

December 21, 2020

did we really have to grow apart

somebody save me, let your warm hands break right through it... i've drawn a number of comics about my fascination of shows i've seen in netflix or elsewhere. an activity i'd like to call creative retrospective - but really it's just my pathetic attempt to get over what i've seen so that i can already hop to the next one. included in the list of the shows is smallville. or the many times my heart has been held then thrown then fell then stepped on then broken into pieces by the tragedy that is clark and lana's relationship. and in the spirit of 4 days before christmas, i'd like to relive the feelings.. because what's 4 days before christmas without some drama. did we have to grow apart is (inspired by) a scene from the loft of smallville's kent farm/barn starring right kent and left lang... or something like that.

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