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a hero's hierarchy of needs

December 28, 2020

a hero's hierarchy of needs

physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, self-actualization... a card for our national hero gat. jose rizal, who once lived with the same needs as most of us with one major difference, i suppose, i.e. his love for our country like no other. a shoutout and thank you to our nation's greatest hero, pen is indeed mightier than sword. and speaking of pen, i am 'penning' a mini-book of comics about the ruby programming language. i was hoping that by this time i already have a draft but i needed a little more time, - i'm really sorry TT - i'll try my best to have it ready by early 2021. in other news, i'm starting a relatively new weekly comic for centimentalcomics. it's still going to be featured in this platform (and hopefully many others) but it'll mostly be about ruby, which is to say that it'll most likely come from the pages of the mini-book and then some. haha, pretty exciting year.. i hope.

inspired by "MORNING BEFORE THE DAY OF HIS EXECUTION (December 29, 1896) Dr. Rizal shared his favorite coffee drink with his visitors Fr. Rosell, Lt. Andrade and the Chief of Artillery. He thanked each of them and scribbled a letter inviting his family to visit him." (ncrdecphilippines, 2019)

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