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conflict resolution

January 4, 2021

conflict resolution

it’s the first full week of jan. this year, how many of your new year’s resolutions have you kept unbroken... so far? in connection with resolution, one of the many popular things that we (like/have to) resolve is conflict. often arise when there are two or more parties involved in a given situation, conflicts, also happen in software development. when the same line or portion of a code has been changed on two separate machines, the version control system issues a conflict. some code and similarities of conflicts are: (1) they are often - at first - perceived as scary. (2) they bring about fear of the things closely associated to them, like for example, fear of using version control systems, but fear not because (3) there are many ways to resolve them. one (highly-effective way) is enough communication among the involved parties - and this applies to both software development and its real-life analogy.

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