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collective wisdom

January 11, 2021

collective wisdom

dear future reader, my thoughts on the joys and pitfalls of being a part of an art(ist) collective are threefold: (1) you are a part of something and being a part of something regardless of what that thing is and regardless of your part on that thing brings some kind of joy knowing you are included. (2) it makes you feel - aside from some kind of joy - it makes you feel the thing that you feel when you know that you are surrounded by people better than you at the thing that you like to do. whether that’d be fear, sadness, etc. - it makes you feel, it makes you more human. lastly, (3) it motivates you to be better, among the many things that (1) and (2) will bring, i hope. that being said, pandemink, ang ink's batch 2020 members' produced anthology of stories, is a short read and one that gave me pure joy while reading in the time of pure cramming. love, ce

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