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things that fall

June 15, 2020

things that fall

"coming of age — subject of artworks must be centered on young adult. draw about your personal journey into adulthood — stories of discovery, growth, lessons learned, and navigating uncharted territories."" was the theme of the exhibit i participated in (about 2 years ago) with 'things that fall' — which in retrospect, i feel like isn’t very "young adult"-y and for that i apologize in no small part to the organizers.

the stories i'd like to tell are always the unresolved (un)romantic unrest and i figured that it must have stemmed from my young adult life. i tend to remember stories that brought me to much tears because they were also the stories that brought me to much understanding (or something like that)

and even in my young adulthood, the happily ever afters i tend believe in are all (in hindsight) to be continueds and boring ah. a lot like this paragraph

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