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movie tv meet cutes bingo

February 15, 2021

movie tv meet cutes bingo

this comic is dedicated to my fellow believers that holidays are best spent watching movies / tv shows and can easily regard them all as rom coms. some unimportant information about this comic: the idea and the first draft were formed in the midst of the great quarantine of 2020 where there is a debate of essentials and non-essentials. which is to say that it got piled under the non-essential. this season is when i take it back. so, if you and yours are fond of rom coms like me and mine, please feel free to play. i decided there are no elaborate rules. these are a scene from a movie / tv shows and if you think you have seen it, mark it as seen. there is also a central theme that binds the scenes together. if you can guess it right, you get a price - one more week of undivided movie / tv watching. enjoy.

[EDIT] the movie / tv shows included in this comic are (1) someone great, (2) serendipity, (3) irreplaceable you, (4) my sassy girl, (5) coyote ugly, (6) new year’s eve, (7) begin again, (8) the terminal, (9) sleepless in seattle, (10) the amazing spider-man, (11) gossip girl, (12) the intern, (13) free / titanic, (14) center stage, (15) secret life of walter mitty, (16) you, (17) music and lyrics, (18) the sun is also a star, (19) how i met your mother, (20) remember me, (21) futurama, (22) you’ve got mail, (23) night at the museum, (24) 13 going on 30, (25) friends, respectively.

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