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after the lonely city

December 7, 2020

after the lonely city

to be young and desolate in a crowded city, said no one (ever). two stories i have about the lonely city (the book). story 1: once there was an illustrator’s event where i instantly had a crush on one of the speakers. and as a person who kind of pathetically knows her way around the google search bar, i ended up in crush’s blog. one of the entries: books i read this week something something the lonely city. story 2: i enjoy doing most things alone. that includes travel which includes walking. a lot. in one of the walks i had, i saw from a bookstore window: the lonely city. if that wasn't a sign that i should read this book, i don't know what is. in the end, if you're someone who somehow ended up being alone in a crowded place, intentional or otherwise, metaphorical or otherwise,

"if you’re lonely, this one's for you" (laing, 2016)

decorations in each panel are inspired by edward hopper, andy warhol, david wojnarowicz, klaus nomi, and josh harris, respectively.

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